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Advice for New CEOs

November 6, 2012
By Bill Gray

Bill Gray was Co-CEO of Ogilvy Group North America and has dozens of years of experience in the business world.

One of the most daunting transitions in the life of a successful businessperson has to be when that person becomes the CEO of a company for the first time. They suddenly find everyone reporting to them, begging for their time, and even though this may feel as if they are in a position of authority, they still have to answer to the board. But there are a few tips to help new CEO’s navigate through the world of modern business.

1.) Remember, you are not micromanager in chief. Whatever position you were in before you became CEO likely had you throwing yourself full on into your projects, tweaking them until they seemed perfect. While that impulse to micromanage your work might come naturally, if you’re running a company of any size, you’ll be unable to keep an eye on everything. So save your attention for the most important tasks. Your time as CEO is a time to think of the big picture, not the small one.

2.) Trust your people. You can buck the tendency to micromanage by having faith that the people who report to you, and the people who report to them, will do their jobs and do them well.

3.) Social media is your friend. If you are in change of a large, international company, you might find it difficult to foster a relationship between you and the employees you never see. Social media solves that problem. Pitch Facebook and Twitter updates to your company’s workforce. It will help keep morale high.

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