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October 18, 2013

Outdoor will remain a fascinating medium. It’s a creative Mecca. Some of the greatest sharp concise creative expressions have come through this medium. Simply because you must be laser sharp in the economy of the idea. No rambling copy points. No making logo twice the size. Also outdoor has the wonderful advantage of using its immediate surroundings as context. I saw a mattress ad on the train platform that said don’t get to the 6:22 at 6:23 with a shot of sleepless body clearly thrashing in a bed of discomfort. 

And of course outdoor is now digital and interactive and place based and sequential and social and time sensitive So I wonder as outdoor owners turn themselves into REITs that this may be a stealth media play that’s overlooked. I know one thing it ain’t going away as its both effective and an essential source of revenue for countless locations , stadiums , etc.

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