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New York Public Library Plans Renovation

December 27, 2013 Leave a comment

Between 1978 and 2010, Bill Gray worked for Ogilvy Group North America, serving as the co-chief executive officer his last four years. Previous to pursuing a graduate education and career in business, Bill Gray earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Harvard University, and today he serves as a trustee for the New York Public Library.

The New York Public Library, second in size only to the Library of Congress, is currently in the midst of planning a major renovation to its popular Fifth Avenue building. The innovative building design, which will cost the library an estimated $300 million, calls for a high-ceilinged reading room with bookshelves standing 53 feet high. The library had initially released plans for renovation that saw the building’s original book stacks completely demolished and overhauled, but the public outcry was enough to sway the library into retaining the stacks as a central feature of the newly planned circulating space beneath the Rose Main Reading Room. The library had intended to begin the renovation in 2013, but progress has been delayed by a number of governmental reviews of the project.


The Keystone Club Build Character and Leadership Skills Among Teens

December 10, 2013 Leave a comment

With more than 30 years of experience, Bill Gray spent many years working for Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide’s North America region. Dedicated to giving back to his community, Bill Gray has served on the board of several community-based organizations, including the Wakeman Boys and Girls Club in Southport, Connecticut.

The Wakeman Boys and Girls Club was first created in 1913 on Christmas Day and has been committed to improving children’s social, emotional, and physical development ever since. The Wakeman Boys and Girls Club offers several programs and events across its clubhouses in the area, and strives to instill the importance of being active citizens within the area’s youth. At its Southport Clubhouse, the Wakeman Boys and Girls Club has a program known as the Keystone Club. Open to boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 18, the Keystone Club is a service and leadership club dedicated to building good character and growth among its members.

As a Keystone member, young teens are able to elect their own officers and create their own service projects by working together. These service projects focus on the core areas of education and career exploration, character and leadership, and service to club and community. Through participation in the Keystone Club, teenagers learn how to become productive and successful adults.