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Healthcare is an endlessly fascinating journey. If Obama has done anything he’s actually gotten every American with in eye or earshot of media obsessed with this subject. There has not been an unleashing of consumerism like this ( barring device launches ) in as long as I can remember. It is indeed the law of unintended consequence. People are not neutral. They’re concerned and their actions are ” wait it out ” or ” go for it “. It will be the topic of all topics for the fall elections. 

It will change employees relationships with work and employers for a full generation. Amd vice a versa. It will force doctors , clinicians , hospitals , drug companies , insurers , retailers , and broad media to be consumed with a change revolution constantly unfolding. It won’t be long before healthcare is the topic of major entertainment and content forces I predict. DR Oz is looking like a very strong brand to run along aside if you can’t dominate.

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Darden School of Business Hosts Firsts Sustainability Pitch Contest

Darden-School-of-Business-University-of-Virginia-MBA-EMBA-Exec-Ed-UVA-DardenAn alumnus of the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia (UVA), Bill Gray earned his MBA from the school. Bill Gray, who spent more than 30 years a co-chief executive officer of Ogilvy Group North America, retains strong ties to his alma mater as a featured speaker and lecturer to current students.

UVA’s Darden School recently named winners of the first-ever pitch night competition based on business platforms dealing with environmental sustainability. Held in January at the W. L. Lyons Brown III Innovation Laboratory on campus, the event saw six individuals pitching ideas before a packed room. The Darden School supported the event to promote environmental awareness while also putting business students in a high-pressure, real-world situation. Anna Perry, a high school student, earned the People’s Choice award as well as the Most Feasible Idea award for her pitch on composting in elementary and high schools. Top honors, however, went to Joni Lane for her hemp-based insulation idea.