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Healthcare is an endlessly fascinating journey. If Obama has done anything he’s actually gotten every American with in eye or earshot of media obsessed with this subject. There has not been an unleashing of consumerism like this ( barring device launches ) in as long as I can remember. It is indeed the law of unintended consequence. People are not neutral. They’re concerned and their actions are ” wait it out ” or ” go for it “. It will be the topic of all topics for the fall elections. 

It will change employees relationships with work and employers for a full generation. Amd vice a versa. It will force doctors , clinicians , hospitals , drug companies , insurers , retailers , and broad media to be consumed with a change revolution constantly unfolding. It won’t be long before healthcare is the topic of major entertainment and content forces I predict. DR Oz is looking like a very strong brand to run along aside if you can’t dominate.

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New York Red Cross Provides Emergency Response Training to Companies

Formerly a board member for Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, and co-CEO of Ogilvy Group North America, Bill Gray is an accomplished senior-level executive with a wide range of philanthropic interests. In addition to his decades of service with Ogilvy, Bill Gray previously served as the chairman of the board for the American Red Cross in Greater New York.

The American Red Cross in Greater New York is known for its robust corporate partnership program. In addition to offering companies opportunities to support disaster relief work through corporate giving programs and in-kind donations, the organization leads volunteer training programs for employees who want to contribute their time to disaster relief efforts. These employees may be called upon to support first responders during local disaster response efforts. The Greater New York Red Cross also provides emergency preparedness training programs to reduce losses of life and property in natural and other disasters.


Outdoor will remain a fascinating medium. It’s a creative Mecca. Some of the greatest sharp concise creative expressions have come through this medium. Simply because you must be laser sharp in the economy of the idea. No rambling copy points. No making logo twice the size. Also outdoor has the wonderful advantage of using its immediate surroundings as context. I saw a mattress ad on the train platform that said don’t get to the 6:22 at 6:23 with a shot of sleepless body clearly thrashing in a bed of discomfort. 

And of course outdoor is now digital and interactive and place based and sequential and social and time sensitive So I wonder as outdoor owners turn themselves into REITs that this may be a stealth media play that’s overlooked. I know one thing it ain’t going away as its both effective and an essential source of revenue for countless locations , stadiums , etc.

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Agency of the future as of today

Now it’s clear that data driven reach has reached such respectable critical mass that a full service agency of tomorrow (or today for that matter) must position itself as the impartial dashboard operator for clients. There are too many sources (Facebook, Google , data and channel companies) that are providing parts of the story. But none owns the brand (or creative) positioning. Here the agency at the center of brand must act as the ultimate steward of where when and how a brand can and should express itself in terms of proper visibility and creative uniqueness. Here the agency must be the ultimate integrator of all the data sources! This would suggest that agencies might need to find a strong alliance in media/channel planning if clients are going to see value in a scaled relationship. 

Will it happen ?

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