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Volunteer Opportunities at the Fresh Air Fund

An independent trustee for Century Capital, Bill Gray previously sat on the Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide board and served as co-CEO of Ogilvy Group North America. Throughout his career, Bill Gray has remained devoted to giving back, and he supports a wide range of organizations, including the Fresh Air Fund. This nonprofit organization provides New York City children with unforgettable summer opportunities that allow them to engage them with the community and experience life outside of the city. The organization also offers various programs during the school year to encourage academic success and career planning.

Like any nonprofit, the Fresh Air Fund thrives on the assistance of volunteers. A number of volunteers tutor middle school students or mentor high school students as they prepare for the transition to college. Other volunteers allow students to shadow them in their careers or lead workshops on various career options.

For individuals with managerial skills, various special events committees always need assistance with planning for upcoming occasions, such as the Fall Benefit or the Spring Fling. Volunteers also staff various community outreach events.

Individuals can learn more about these opportunities at